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Advice for New Parents from the Experts: Grandparents!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Parenting wisdom is gained from each diaper change, late night feeding and snuggle session. So, these grandparents have a lot of parenting wisdom! They’ve been there and done that and they continually go the distance for their kids and grandkids.

Grandmother laying on bed with baby

We asked grandparents who are active in the lives of their kids and grandkids to share some advice for new parents. Here’s what The Worlds Best Grandparents had to say:

“Parenting tips 101: If I would’ve known then as a young, first time mama compared to what I know now as a blessed Grammy, maybe it wouldn’t have been so hard sometimes."

"But that’s what life is all about. With age comes wisdom. When you bring that baby home from the hospital he/she doesn’t come with an instruction manual! You just somehow figure it out. Always be patient, loving, and forgiving. Your babies are learning from you.”

-Lisa, Mother of 2 and Grammy of 2

“Along with being a new mom comes the type of exhaustion that may lie to you about your ability to be a great mother. Expose those lies by trusting your instincts and gathering wisdom from the ones who have gone before you."

"Parenting is a multi-generational skill. Those you love and trust have valuable truths and wisdom, so don’t be afraid to ask and listen; you can always sort out which nuggets apply to you and your baby and which do not."

"Just remember that you will not be perfect at everything; you will make mistakes, but babies are resilient. They squeak and may even cry a bit before they fix their own discomfort, but they will be sure to send a clear message when they need you. Above all I would like to emphasize that as a new mom, you should spend as much time as possible just gazing into those beautiful baby eyes and talking to that swaddled, squirmy, squeaky bundle. Making that type of profound connection will help you sort through advice, solicited and unsolicited, but most of all, it will give you confidence and grow your heart ten times its original size. Believe me, when the teen years hit, that extra-large heart will keep you anchored.”

-Donna Rhodes, Mother of 3 and Grandma of 11

“It’s good to have a schedule and routine for your baby, but don’t be so rigid that it causes stress for you or your baby. Learn to be flexible and enjoy being a parent. And when your kids get older, always know their friends and the parents of their friends.”

-Ron, Father of 5 and Papa of 6

“New mom advice from a wise mother of 5: First, and most important: There are no hard and fast rules. Read that again. Truly what will work for you and your new baby may not work for others. And that’s ok. Embrace the things that work well and tweak the things that don’t. Read to your baby as much as humanly possible. It does not matter what you read to your baby, but the impact of the sound of your voice is immeasurable. Keep a sense of humor in your pocket at all times, for laughter is a new mom’s best kept secret.”

-Lydia, Mother of 5 and Yaya of 4

“A new baby is a time like no other in your life! You’re in love with your baby and learning about being a parent. Try to remember that your partner is also experiencing these things at the same time you are. All of this could be overwhelming for new parents. One way of being engaged in parenting is to try to remember all this is new to both of you. Seek out every opportunity to just ‘be’ with your partner-the way you were before the advent of your new family member that has changed your lives forever!”

-Larry and Barb, parents of 4, known as Shep and Gram to 8 grandkids

“As a parent. Never be afraid to ask people for help!"

"It doesn’t mean you're a bad parent, it means you're human. Also, make time for yourself and plan date nights. It refreshes who you are as a person, not just as a parent.”

-Michelle, Mother of 2 and Mimi of 6

“First to grandparents: wait to be asked for advice. New parents need to discover what works best for them. Then if asked, let them know the first few months are challenging. New parents: Share how you are feeling with your partner. Be patient and kind to each other. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help from friends and family. Sleep when you can. Laundry and housework can wait. Be flexible. Newborns' schedules change daily. Most of all enjoy every moment. Hold and cuddle your baby as much as you can. It all goes so fast!”

-Joyce & Scott, parents of 3 and Grammy and Grampy of 8

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