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Did You Know?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

mom breastfeeding a baby

Happy New Year! We are so happy to have you with us as we enter 2021, filled with hope and new beginnings. Although new years can often be a time to set new intentions or goals, we know this will not be the case for your bonding time with your baby. It’s best to stick to the tried and true, skin to skin method for your deepest connections.

Did you know the idea for skin to skin has been around since 1979?

During that time two physicians from Columbia, Edgar Ray and Hector Martinez, who were working with premature babies had a shortage of incubators. They turned to nature and instructed mothers to put their babies, unclothed, on their chest for 60 minutes or up to 24 hours a day and watched magnificent results unfold. Infant mortality rates in Columbia decreased and mothers were able to discharge from the hospital sooner, which decreased overcrowding. This significant development was termed kangaroo care and has been studied all around the world in the years since.

In the most simple terms, skin to skin is giving your baby the deepest sense of safety in these early stages.

Our understanding of the benefits of skin to skin have developed over the years. We now understand what a significant difference it can make in the earliest days for babies and caregivers. In the most simple terms, skin to skin is giving your baby the deepest sense of safety in these early stages. Of course saying “you are safe, you are loved” is a beautiful message, but in the earliest days, those messages are felt, not heard. A caregiver’s scent, movements, heart rate and body temperature are all things that a baby in utero has experienced.

The big, wide world is new and often overwhelming. Giving your baby these natural safety cues can help them relax and regulate in their new world outside of the womb. This regulation allows a baby to do all the things they are inclined to do, but most importantly, wire their developing brain. So much wiring is happening in those early days and without regulation or a sense of safety, young infants develop physically, but brain development can be impacted. Skin to skin also promotes:

  • Regulating baby’s body temperature and heart rate

  • Releases Oxytocin (the feel good hormone)

  • Helps baby cry less

  • Initiates breast feeding & helps to build moms milk supply

Our love for skin to skin is nothing new. It is a method and practice that has been around for decades and this is why (even with a new year) we hope you will stick to what works. Our goal is that our products make this practice even easier for your life and family.

Wishing you a year full of deep connections with your tiniest treasures!

Always with love,



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