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Emulait: a bottle that matches your anatomy and skin tone

Bonsie joined in conversation with Avishag Ravid, mother of two and Chief Marketing Officer for Emulait. Emulait is a revolutionary company that uses 3D-scanning technology to create a baby bottle that matches the mother’s own skin tone and anatomy.

Ravid helps to ensure that Emulait meets these two goals:

  1. Their product makes a difference

  2. Their brand is a part of the global good

Photo of Avishag Ravid, Chief Marketing Officer for Emulait
Avishag Ravid, Chief Marketing Officer for Emulait

“I want to market products that make a difference, to help and empower, and to be a part of a bigger and better cause."

"That’s how I came across Emulait. I am very grateful to be a part of a company that is working towards the vision of a better feeding experience, ” Ravid said.

Mothers often have to balance their role at home with their career and their personal life. Emulait’s goal is to make it easier for women to find this balance and reduce feeding obstacles.

“I love to work, but having this new family is also valuable to me; balancing both is the hardest job I've ever had. I’ve faced a lot of challenges in that job. There are many ways to do it, but one of my findings is that it truly takes a village, or at least a really good support system.”

Designed and developed by the brightest minds in science, pediatrics and lactation — the Emulait system supports prolonged breastfeeding and gives nursing mothers a seamless transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and back. Emulait also gives any bottle feeding parent or caregiver the ability to biomimic the benefits of breastfeeding.

“I quickly fell in love with the product, the mission, and the thought of how many families we can help. I want to see women succeed and flourish in work and in their personal life,” Ravid said.

Photo of Avishag Ravid breastfeeding her baby.
Avishag Ravid breastfeeding her baby.

Emulait’s Belief:

Emulait is a biomimetic replica of the breast, designed to emulate the experience of breastfeeding. Emulait’s belief is that with technology, the gap between breast and the next best option can be closed. Emulait honors diversity, inclusion, and recognizes a shift in parenting roles and family structures.

How does it work?

There are three ways to make your personalized bottle:

  1. Scan your breast using the Emulait App to find your match

  2. Self-measure your breast to find your match

  3. Get the most common bottle

Emulait bottles come in 25 variations: 5 nipple sizes, each available in 5 specific colors to allow moms of any skin tone or shape to find the perfect bottle for their baby. Users can scan their breast with the Emulait app to get matched to a bottle nipple that is tailored to their anatomy. Moms who prefer not to use the app’s scanning features can still self-measure and select an option that’s right for their baby. There are also three different flow controls to better meet the needs of your baby’s feeding pace. In addition to customizing your bottle, the Emulait App allows you to track your baby’s feedings and diaper changes, and to share feeding information between family members and caregivers.

Reducing Obstacles

Whether a new mother chooses to breastfeed, bottle feed, or a combination of both, there can be many obstacles, such as nipple confusion and bottle preference. Emulait’s mission is to ensure that all families and babies have the best feeding experience possible by reducing these obstacles.

“Every family has a story in relation to feeding their baby and challenges. All of our bottle’s features minimize these challenges.”

Photo of Avishag Ravid bottle feeding her baby using an Emulait bottle.
Avishag Ravid bottle feeding her baby using an Emulait bottle.

Giving Back

Emulait also partners with Baby2Baby and Simplifed. Baby2Baby provides children living in poverty across the country with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities every child deserves. A major deficit in distribution for Baby2Baby are baby bottles. For every two starter kits purchased, Emulait will give one bottle to Baby2Baby who will use their distribution channels to ensure the product reaches families in need.

SimpliFed is a virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding support practice serving new parents through a national network of SimpliFed Baby Feeding Providers. After parents purchase an Emulait starter kit, they are connected to Simplifed’s secure telehealth platform to receive ongoing support from their experts.

“It’s easy for products to come out with big, nice slogans, but at the end of the day what is your product and what is your company doing about this?” Ravid said. “Every element with launching Emulait is with families in mind. How can we make it as affordable as we can? And if families still cannot afford it, how can we help them?”

Societal Change:

In addition to the design of Emulait, their mission, and the ways they help families in need, we spoke with Ravid about the need for change in our society to better meet the needs of new moms. This includes improving workplace policies to prioritize time together as a family and supporting each other's parenting decisions.

“As a society we need to address breastfeeding as a non judgemental way. Mothers already feel the pressure to breastfeed. All choices should be accepted and respected. We are not here to judge whether a mom wants to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding or exclusively bottle feed. Society needs to be more understanding. If mom is breastfeeding, let's find ways to support her. If she is bottle feeding, let’s find ways to support her. She wants what is best for her child. If we want to make a change and to educate, it cannot be from a place of judgment.

Photo of Mother and baby using an Emulait bottle.
Mother and baby using an Emulait bottle.

“The second change that needs to be addressed is the issue of the short maternity and paternity leave in the USA. This is a major issue. We need to continue to improve workplace policies to accommodate families.”

Brands such as Emulait and Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear endeavor to do more than just sell products. By giving back to those in need, offering education and expert care, collaborating with like-minded companies, and sharing inspirational stories, more voices are being heard. These connections are creating a positive change in the way that communities take care of each other.

“There is product support and there is community support; brands like us can be there to create communities. Mothers are helping one another, dads are more involved than they once were, and family roles are shifting. To be able to provide that platform is another part of that community. We are creating a social movement,” Ravid said.

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