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Little Honey Money: The New Go-To Baby Registry

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Newborn babies don’t need much, and usually a new mom doesn’t know exactly what her family will need until after her baby has arrived. What new moms really need is support. Shockingly, cash fund baby registries are difficult to find, and asking family and friends for money isn’t easy.

Photo of pregnant mother standing on a beach in summer

Little Honey Money to the rescue!

Little Honey Money is a cash fund baby registry that gives growing families the gift of whole family wellness. Friends and family can contribute funds towards the things you need the most, like essential support in the form of doula care, breastfeeding support, meal deliveries and so much more.

You know what your baby needs most and with Little Honey Money you can ensure you’re spending on everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.

Little Honey Money makes sure whole family wellness is always at the top of your list—whatever that looks like for your growing family.

Let’s meet the founder of this brilliant baby registry.

Portrait of Erica Ignjatovic, Founder - Little Honey Money
Erica Ignjatovic, Founder - Little Honey Money

Erica Ignjatovic is an entrepreneur and mother of two children, ages five and three. The idea for Little Honey Money came to her when she was pregnant with her second child and had no interest in registering for standard baby gifts. She learned after having her first baby that she had every tangible thing she needed. What she really wanted was a cash fund baby registry to help her hire a doula. This experience made her want to shift the focus of pregnancy and postpartum care away from stuff to whole family wellness.

“Let’s change the conversation and talk about the real priorities. If the priority is to have better maternal health then we need to ask ourselves if we can put more money towards wellness so that finances aren’t a barrier."

"Maternal services really help the motherhood journey, but if you don’t have the funds it doesn’t matter,” Erica said in an interview with Bonsie.

Family and friends want to help new parents, but it’s often difficult to know exactly what they need. Little Honey Money makes it simple to get what you really need: financial support to put towards food, diapers, doula care, lactation support or whatever you need most. Every journey is different, and each mom and baby will have different needs.

“When you have the support you need you can actually enjoy the postpartum period. We want to honor each family and each individual journey.”

Bringing a new baby home is a joyful experience, but it can also be exhausting and stressful. Imagine how the environment and emotions would change if new moms had the help they needed. For example, what if new parents could afford to hire overnight help? Moms could then get more sleep, better care for their newborn and take the time to heal themselves. Or, what if more moms could afford to hire a lactation specialist? Consider how her breastfeeding journey would improve, and the positive and lasting impact that would have on the development of her baby. The ripple effects of prioritizing maternal wellness are endless, and the individuals who will benefit most are our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

Erica’s advice to new and expecting moms:

“Prioritize your well-being. Think about what that means for you, truly, and lean into the things that make your journey better. Hire a doula if you can, and spend your pregnancy planning and budgeting for your family’s postpartum care team. And—this can be a tough one, but—don’t let feelings of guilt get in the way of your wellness and self-care.”

Go to Little Honey Money to set up your registry; it’s free and will take less than five minutes. Family and friends can contribute right away. Share your registry link on your baby shower invitations, email it friends, or text it to your family. It’s so simple and it will help you prioritize what really matters.

A little honey money might just be the best gift you receive.

Save 20% now until Friday, August 5th with code HONEYMONEY

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Little Honey Money: The New Go-To Baby Registry is a fantastic resource for expecting parents! With a wide selection of top-notch baby products, it's a must-visit site. Moreover, if you're looking for a unique touch, check out for exciting baby shower game ideas! A perfect combination of convenience and fun awaits you at Little Honey Money. Happy parenting! 🍼


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