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Skin-to-Skin: Not Just for Breastfeeding Moms!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We have established that skin-to-skin contact is tremendously beneficial for breastfeeding moms because it helps to increase their milk supply, amongst many other benefits.

But what about moms who choose not to breastfeed or are unable to breastfeed? And Dads? Or same-sex couples, adoptive parents, grandparents, or other family members who contribute to raising a baby?

We’ve got good news: EVERYONE benefits from skin-to-skin contact, your baby especially. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to make skin-to-skin contact a part of their regular routine. And remember, this special time isn’t just for the hospital. Skin-to-skin contact helps to form a close attachment to your baby for the first 12 weeks and beyond.

There is still more education needed to encourage all parents to get on board with skin-to-skin contact, especially beyond the time at the hospital. However, this aunt, dad, and nurse have figured out what the hype is all about!

Ryann Kidd is a dedicated aunt to her seven month old niece and, with the help of Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear, has learned a lot about the importance of skin-to-skin contact.

“I have the utmost pleasure of being a very proud aunt and one of the primary caregivers to my niece for the last seven months. Baby Journey has experienced so much love and nourishment throughout her short seven months with us, however, she has not experienced as much skin-to-skin contact as she should or could have when she was a newborn. After researching how important skin-to-skin contact is for development, I find this brand intriguing due to how easily the clothing allows for intimate bonding to occur” Kidd said.

Jarred Estrada, father of a 10 month old, practiced skin-to-skin contact as often as he could.

“The act of skin-to-skin contact with our son was always a priority from the second he was born. Recalling information from developmental psychology classes in college, I couldn’t help but think of past studies and deprivation of human/primate contact. While skin-to-skin contact with his mom was a priority when breastfeeding, I liked to make it a point to get my time in too” Estrada said.

Gabby Stephens, RN and former labor and delivery nurse, has witnessed first hand the many benefits of skin-to-skin contact.

Her practice has the “golden hour”, which is a time for the mother to practice skin-to-skin contact directly after delivery. This is the common routine followed by most hospitals now because of the extraordinary results. She shared how she has literally seen on the monitor the improvement of a baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen levels, and body temperature directly following skin-to-skin contact in the NICU. Stephens hopes hospitals will expand their encouragement to dads and partners because many parents don’t know how important skin-to-skin contact is, or practice it once they leave the hospital.

“Whether it be the mother, father, partner, or any other primary caregiver, providing skin-to-skin contact is critical. It promotes a wide range of benefits such as bonding between the new baby and caregiver, it encourages healing both physically and psychologically, and overall contributes to creating a healthy environment” Stephens said.

Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear makes skin-to-skin contact simple with baby clothing that conveniently opens at the chest and stomach, so there is no need to constantly remove clothes. Now you can more easily bond with your precious baby with peace of mind that you are supporting their needs through the loving practice of skin-to-skin contact.

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