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The Best Books for Babies with Maya Lê

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

One of the best ways to connect and cuddle with your baby is reading together. This special bonding time will help your baby associate reading with love and they will be soothed by the sound of your voice. As your baby grows, he or she will begin to show interest in the pictures, and eventually the words and the plot. A recent study discovered that babies, toddlers and children who read daily with their parents enter kindergarten knowing 1.4 million more words than children who do not read at home.

Bonsie teamed up with Maya Lê to share some wonderful books with you and your little one.

Let’s meet Maya and check out her book recommendations:

“I am Maya, an artist and Elementary teacher. I am passionate about quality and equality in early education and I am also an aspiring children’s book writer and illustrator. My Vietnamese name is Mai- and thus the inspiration for my trademark: MaiStoryBook.

I am also a Mama-to-Be, with Mai *first* Little Love, on the way~ coming September 2022. I’m excited to welcome this little lover into the world, and share even more reading adventures as I raise a reader and leader of mai own!

I received my BA in Psychology with a focus on child development, and an Asian American Studies minor, from Scripps College. I graduated from UCSD with a Masters of Education and my Multiple Subject Credential to become an elementary school teacher. I am a strong proponent of art in schools and aspire to bring my experience and passion for the arts into my classrooms in order to inspire young children and encourage their creativity. I am also a firm believer in the power of books to open doors and spark the imagination of young readers.”

Maya’s goal is to introduce children to the wonderful world of reading. Here are her favorite books for babies:

Cover of The Every Baby Book

The Every Baby Book by Frann Preston-Gannon: This book is an adorable, diverse and inclusive book highlighting family love and Baby's first experiences.

Cover of Happy and You Know It book

Indestructibles: Happy and You Know It! : I love the whole Indestructibles collection for newborns since they are rip proof and waterproof. I chose this one because babies also love sing-along reads, especially for the littlest learners. The music, rhythm, repetition and rhyme is especially captivating and helpful for them in the early ages. I Love You, Baby, is also a super sweet one if you are looking for books about snuggles.

Cover of Farm Babies book

Tuffy Farm Babies: This is another favorite series for newborns. These are also chew proof and waterproof and have a teether book spine with a hole for a stroller or toy ring. Illustrations are super cute and text is short and simple for littles.

Cover of Hello, My World book

Hello, My World: High Contrast Books: These high contrast board books are especially great for newborns as their eyesight develops. Any of the books in this series are great for sharing bold, simple patterns and introducing Baby to the simple objects around them.

Cover of Love Makes a Family book

Love Makes a Family: Another loving, inclusive read and I adore the bright illustrations!

For more great book recommendations, follow Maya on Instagram: @maistorybooklibrary, TikTok:@maistorybook, and Youtube:


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