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Welcome Baby, USA & Bonsie

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Welcome Baby, USA!

Welcome Baby’s mission is to provide newborn essentials to lower income families at no cost. This includes diapers, wipes, hygiene products, clothing and more that are all tucked into a “Welcome Box.” Currently, we will be donating a percentage of every sale as well as several Bonsie products each month that will be included in their Welcome Boxes.

Twenty-one percent of children in the United States live under the poverty line. A statistic that puts these children at a higher risk for a variety of negative developmental outcomes. Newborn life is hard and scary enough without adding the factor of financial hardship. Welcome Baby’s mission is to lessen that hardship by providing newborn essentials to families for the first four delicate weeks of life.

High levels of parental stress are linked to an increased risk in postpartum depression and health and developmental (ADD, ASD) issues in children. The level of children and families living below the poverty line increases in this country every year resulting in many families and children living in chronic, high stress environments.

The first few weeks of a newborn's life are critically important in the development of a secure parent and child bond. A parent’s ability to feel competent in their role as “caretaker” for their new baby plays a huge role in the development of a secure and lasting attachment. Having the basic necessities to care for a newborn is part of building competency in one's ability to parent. This is where Bonsie and Welcome Baby’s missions collide. Both strive to provide environments in which babies and families can thrive through their love and attachment to each other.

Please find more information about the important work Welcome Baby, USA is doing here.

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