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A Letter to New Parents

Dear New or Expecting Parent,

Congratulations! We are so excited for you to join this community of mamas and papas! We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. No one has all the answers, but we want to offer some words of wisdom that we’ve acquired along the way!

Trust yourself. You have the answers! Oftentimes parents look to pediatricians, grandparents or friends for advice. Remember, it’s just that- advice. It can be helpful or it can challenge what you know or feel in your gut. Always listen to your instincts. NO ONE knows your baby better than you do.

Trust your baby. They are fully themselves right from birth (personality, temperament, likes, dislikes, preferences etc). They are growing, changing, learning and showing you more of who they are at every age and stage. Listen to them attentively, because they likely have so many answers.

Parent without comparison. Every parent and child will experience highs and lows; no family is exempt from this. When we compare our experiences to what we see on social media or even to our friends' lives, it can make us feel as though we’re not doing it quite right. Maybe their baby is sleeping through the night and you are up every two hours. Trust and empathize that every parent will experience struggle, although we may not always be privy to it. Don’t allow your assumptions of others to challenge your experience as a parent. Your experience is completely unique to you and your child.

Ask for help. You don’t have superpowers and you can't do it all. Find time to take care of yourself in big and small ways and as often as you can. Ask for help. Accept help. Schedule help. Find help. Receiving help doesn't mean you have failed or can’t do it, it means that you recognize you have needs. When you take care of these needs you are able to be a more attentive, loving and compassionate parent for your child.

Be present. Everyone tells you how fast it goes and that is true. You will blink and another milestone will have passed. Being present will allow you to soak it all up.

Enjoy parenthood! Thanks for letting us be a small part of your journey. Don’t forget to share your beautiful babies sporting all their favorite Bonsie looks - tag us @bonsiebaby

Always with love,



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