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Bonsie Holiday Book Guide

‘Tis the season for love and giving. We’re so excited to share some of our favorite gift ideas with you. Although holidays may look different this year, what stays constant is our desire to connect with those we care about most. Show new parents, babies or families in your life how much you love them by gifting them the joy of skin to skin.

Of course, our Bonsie footie & baby bag would make the perfect gift for any new parent or baby. In addition to our products, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite books to continue to spread the gift of attachment and connection to new parents and babies this holiday season.

Top 5 parenting books to gift:

#1 • "CALMS- A Guide to Soothing Your Baby"

by Carrie Contey, PhD & Debbie Takikawa, DC

#2 • "The Bottom Line for Baby"

by Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

#3 • "Parenting from the Inside Out"

by Dan Siegel, M.D. & Mary Hartzell M.Ed

#4 • "You Are My World"

by Amy Hatkoff

#5 • "The Science of Parenting"

by Margot Sunderland


Top 5 baby books to gift:

#1 • "Wherever You Are: My love will find you"

by Nancy Tilman

#2 • "The Runaway Bunny"

by Margaret Wise Brown

#3 • "I’ve loved You Since Forever"

by Hoya Kotb

#4 • "What Does Baby Want"

by Tupera Tupera

#5 • "I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love"

by Nancy Tilman

We know that you will find the perfect gift and we hope that Bonsie can be a part of it. Most of all we wish you joy, comfort and connection this holiday season.

Always with love,


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