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It Was You, by Jessica Urlichs

Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Jessica Urlichs, best selling author, poet, and mother of three. In her poetry she captures the indescribable, raw emotions of motherhood; her beautiful words have brought us to tears on more than one occasion.

Photo of Jessica Urlichs, best selling author, poet, and mother of three.
Jessica Urlichs, best selling author, poet, and mother of three.

With each Bonsie purchase we will include a copy of her heartwarming poem, It Was You. We hope that Jessica’s poem will be a memorable keepsake for you and a reminder of the magical bond between you and your baby.

In an interview with Jessica, we asked her a few questions about the birth of her third baby, Heidi.

Photo of Heidi wearing a Star Bonsie Sleep Bag.
Heidi wearing a Star Bonsie Sleep Bag.

During the fourth trimester with Heidi, what was your biggest challenge?

“My biggest challenge was the juggle of adding a third, which has eased over the months, but in the beginning I felt like I really missed my older two. It was just an adjustment, they need you so much when they are little, and while I was soaking up and enjoying that time, I felt like I was falling short with the other two. Of course my husband and family were hands on with them, so they weren't missing out, it was just me being hard on myself (as mums tend to be). The puzzle pieces have all made their way to the bigger picture these last few months and I can't imagine life any differently, and the kids absolutely adore her.”

Photo of Jessica with her three children.
Jessica with her three children.

What did you find most surprising?

“My ability to actually be able to let things go! This is one of the best things about adding a third (other than her, herself) but the fact that it has actually grounded me more and slowed me down, to be honest I have had no choice!"

"Letting go of some of the control over things that actually CAN wait was a humbling lesson that the world won't in fact fall apart, and has allowed me to be more present, despite being a lot busier, somehow it works!”

What was your favorite part?

“The nights…

...they are so hard, sleep deprivation is no joke. But during the day it's a bit of a whirlwind, at night I get to have that skin-to-skin with her and the feedings are nice and quiet. It's almost laced the fatigue with gratitude. I know it won't last forever, so I am soaking it up more.”

Photo of Jessica and Heidi practice skin-to-skin contact.
Jessica and Heidi practice skin-to-skin contact.

Without further ado, we would now like to share Jessica’s poem with you (get your tissues ready).

It Was You

It wasn’t long ago.

I saw you, and I fell.

Our very first encounter

I hold you, and I’m held.

Both between two worlds

and you were coming home.

So new yet so familiar,

I know you, and I’m known.

Our hearts had met before,

an introduction in a dream.

The way you are my mirror,

I see you, and I’m seen.

I know you like a memory,

how skin to skin does yearn,

and when I'm feeling lost,

you're my steady slow return.

Like a body knows to heal,

like the stars that burn above,

you mould to me like clay, and

I love you, and I’m loved.

It’s like we’ve lived a thousand lives,

to each, we’ve both belonged.

It was you my darling,

all this time,

it was you, all along.

Learn more about Jessica on her Instagram page @jessurlichs_writer and on her website:

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