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An Interview with Mom & Founder: Linné Skincare

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We are so excited to feature Jenna, founder of Linné Skincare, on our blog today. Linné is an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from plant and mineral sources! Linné has just launched a new line, Linné bebe, a collection of multi-functional, multi-generational, non-gendered products meant to serve delicate skin. Perfect for pregnancy, post-partum and even a baby's sensitive skin! Jenna was inspired to create this brilliant line during her own pregnancy with her sweet baby girl. To learn more about Jenna and Linné check out our interview with Jenna below!

Photo of Jenna, Mom & Founder: Linné Skincare

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Tell us what makes Linné stand out amongst other skin care lines?

We believe that it is the responsibility of all modern brands to think expansively about their brand mission. Ours certainly extends well beyond providing products for healthy glowing skin. We use safe, non-toxic, biocompatible ingredients that are easily absorbed and processed by the body; we buy from reputable sources that champion environmental health and worker welfare and we evaluate each ingredient to ensure that they are free from environmental and biological contaminants; we promote the use of plants grown in their original habitat/geographical distribution and our ingredient choices aim to support species diversity, environmental preservation and ethnobotanical continuity; our places of business run on renewable energy, we are certified Plastic Negative, Carbon Neutral and Cruelty Free. We also believe in corporate social responsibility, employee welfare and contribute at least 1% of our sales to social and environmental efforts. This month we are partnering with Welcome Baby by donating 10% of our sales and amplifying their mission.

What was the inspiration for the "mommy and me line?"

Linne Face and Body Balm

All Linné formulations were inspired by familial need, including BALANCE for my sister’s acne and SMOOTH for my psoriasis. While our complete line is pregnancy safe, my own pregnancy got me thinking about how to better serve folks with sensitive skin. I also wanted to create products suited for our baby. I developed these products to serve both parents and child and transition caregivers throughout pregnancy, postpartum and childrearing.

As followers and fans of your brand, we know you have a daughter. Was she born before or after you developed Linné?

She was born in our fourth year of business on Christmas eve :)

How has motherhood impacted the goals and values behind your brand?

Motherhood reaffirms our desire to build community. We want to empower, educate, serve, connect and share the #Linnélove. It also deepens our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

3. Speaking of motherhood and running a business…

...can you give us a brief "day in the life of Jenna?"

The sound of my baby alerting us of her needs serves as my alarm clock each morning. There is nothing sweeter than seeing her face first thing. I take her out of her crib and nurse her for about an hour - we both often fall back to sleep, all squished in bed with husband and pup. To me this is heaven.

From here we usually start our day with a morning walk. Some mornings I sneak away to play tennis with friends or attend my favorite yoga or spin class. Work begins around 9:30/10:00am. I am fortunate to be able to work from home with full time help so I get to observe my daughter throughout the day, put her down for naps and cheer her on as she dances or practices walking. I work until around 5/6pm when we shift into bedtime mode, which includes a wholesome dinner, bath time and massage with our Linné products.

After Elle is asleep my husband and I have dinner and catch up. I usually then resume work until 10:30pm. Weekends are usually spent as a family, outdoors, making delicious meals and laughing a lot! As a small business owner I cannot help but also work on the weekends, but my daughter is helping me prioritize my time differently and for that I am very grateful.

Have you developed any time management hacks you can share with other new moms?

There are never enough hours in the day and I have come to find comfort in knowing that I’ll never be completely caught up. The best I can do is focus on the task at hand and prioritize what is most essential.

As you know, Bonsie is all about bonding…

...what are a couple of your favorite, most meaningful, ways to spend time with your daughter?

Most mornings I take my daughter and our dog out for a long walk in our beautiful park. There is always something blooming in Charleston and I love introducing her to nature’s exquisite creations. It’s so beautiful to see the world through her eyes and slow down to really consider the sensation of a densely layered camellia flower or the cool damp earth underfoot.

I also love bath time. It used to be my thing at the end of the day and now it’s our thing. She loves to play with toys and splash so it isn’t quite as relaxing as a solo soak, but her joy is contagious and I love how comfortable she is in the water. We recently launched a new bath SOAK blend with organic coconut milk and honey that is so soothing to the skin. I really enjoy including this in our bath time ritual.

To learn more about Linné and Jenna check out their website at https://Linné and on social media @Linnébotanicals

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