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Neha Ruch, the Visionary behind Mother Untitled 

Neha Ruch, the visionary behind Mother Untitled, spearheads a groundbreaking movement empowering driven women embracing more time with family. As a mother, author, and inspirational speaker, Neha dispels the misconception that mothers who prioritize 

family life are regressing in productivity. In fact, she argues that this valuable time could be the most beneficial for you and your family and result in life-changing transformation.  Through her widely successful platform, she ignites crucial dialogues, driving a societal shift in the perception of stay-at-home motherhood. Her profound perspectives strike a chord with countless women within and beyond the vibrant Mother Untitled community. The content that Neha shares deeply resonates with our team at Bonsie, and we are thrilled to share her exclusive interview with you. 

Neha Ruch, founder of Mother Untitled 
Neha Ruch, founder of Mother Untitled 

The idea behind Mother Untitled struck Neha while she peacefully rocked her baby.


“If I were to think back on one moment that catalyzed it all, it started when I was rocking with my son, and I suddenly felt so at peace -- a feeling I had been looking for for so long in my career. I wanted more of that, and I chose to downshift my career into two days a week of fractional brand marketing work, and the rest of the days I was at home. I was shocked by the stigma surrounding an ambitious woman choosing to downshift or pause her career for motherhood - I heard questions like, "What will you do all day?" or even contemplations like, "Are you giving up?". Quite the contrary, I felt like my days finally felt full and purposeful (I'd been feeling disenchanted with my previous work for a while) and that I was by no means giving up. I trusted that this time, when I was making room for family life, would include some room for me to grow in new ways. It was the height of the Girl Boss era and the Lean-In movement. So, I saw incredible examples of content for the traditional "working mother," but it seemed to leave behind the ambitious woman choosing to lean into family life for a chapter. So, I set about creating that space with Mother Untitled.”

Neha described the community response to Mother Untitled as loyal, supportive, and fired up.


“Our community is what has kept me going in building this platform that now might seem "established" or even, "big" but for a long time I was just planting seeds for this movement by sharing my reframes out loud and chronicling women's stories and experiences navigating the identity, relationship, career shifts that happen when you step into the untitled space -- the vast in between of the traditional notions of "stay-at-home" and "working" mother that doesn't come with a business card but carries immense weight.  When women find themselves in our corner of the internet, they feel seen and supported and then pass that sense of comfort to others in the community. Community is a buzzword right now but our 150,000 women are truly connected in a like-minded cohort of thoughtful women making the bold choice to re-examine their career for motherhood and exploring what's ahead.”

The Mother Untitled has inspired thousands of women to lean into their new identity as mothers and grow in ways they didn’t think was possible. 

“It feels incredible to look around and watch so many of the women who were early supporters of this movement, who helped by sharing honestly about their pauses and shifts, live the thesis that this stage of life can unlock incredible, profound personal and professional growth. They've grown up alongside their family, Mother Untitled, and me. Many have discovered new perspectives, explored new interests, and pivoted onto new paths. What also feels so good is that I'm saying the same thing as in 2017, but now the culture is ready for it.”

Neha and her sons. Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photography.
Neha and her sons. Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photography.

Like so many women, Neha works hard to balance family life with her growing career, living by the words and grace she shares. 

“It's to take the lessons I share on the platform and live them. Namely, to trust that there are seasons and we get to make the right choice for right now - and that we each define success. Each season, I can re-examine the equation of support, including paid help (we currently have 12-15 hours of paid child care a week including a date night) that allows my family and I to feel whole. This includes quality time with my kids, time for the movement, and time for myself. I am also mentally preparing for a "sprint" in the late Fall through early Winter of 2025 when the book comes out, so I'm shifting to pick up the kids three days a week from school to stock up on that now while I can. It's a long game - life and career.”

Neha’s new book, The Power Pause, will be released in early 2025. The buzz and excitement surrounding her new book reflects our society’s need to shine a new light on career pauses.

The Power Pause comes out on January 14th, 2025, and is a guide for women to step into a career pause with confidence, financial dignity, and clarity, embrace the time at home in a way that supports her growth, and finally leverage this chapter to stay connected, explore what comes next and return (when and if they'd like) with confidence. Each chapter includes personal narrative, experts, real moms and exercises. More than being the first guide for ambitious women on career pauses, it's a call to action to culture to re-examine career pauses so women can make the right choice for them and their family without penalty on the other side.”

Neha emphasizes how becoming a mother is a transformative journey that leads to personal growth and the realization of one's true capabilities.

“I know everyone talks about losing themselves in motherhood, but I would offer you this - just like we change from age 5 to age 10 and again from 10 to 20, motherhood is yet another evolution that brings you to who you're meant to be next. You will change and change can feel hard, but motherhood can unlock a whole new potential.” 


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