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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Hi, friends! Kelly and her handsome baby boy are on the blog this week.

Family of four sitting on couch looking at their new baby

Kelly is 31 and lives in Shawnee, Kansas with her husband, DJ, daughter, Emrie and new baby boy, Lincoln. Kelly is a stay at home mom.

Kelly shared with us some info about being pregnant with diabetes. She faced this challenge head on and took great care to keep her baby healthy. “My insulin requirements were much higher. I found that I needed to give myself injections of insulin in addition to what I gave myself on my insulin pump. This was so I could get the insulin faster and not hurt myself through the infusion site from giving so much insulin at once.”

Pregnant women who have diabetes are automatically considered a high risk pregnancy.

“It was really hard to control my blood sugars and I became insulin resistant, which added to the size of my baby.”

Lincoln weighed 12 lbs 7.2 oz and was 21 inches long at birth.

Baby in a Bonsie Midnight Footie

How adorable does Lincoln look in his Midnight Bonsie Footie?

Kelly has some advice to other moms who are pregnant with diabetes: “Make sure you eat enough after the baby is born because your blood sugars will drop and insulin requirements will decrease significantly. If you breastfeed, you're going to need a lot more food to maintain good blood sugars and not drop too low.”

During the first week with Lincoln, what was:

Your biggest challenge?

“The hardest part in this first week, and probably forever, (lol!) is trying to balance time and make my daughter feel just as loved as her baby brother.”

The biggest surprise?

“The biggest surprise would be how VERY different my son is from my daughter. I knew it would be different, but I had all these expectations from my previous kiddo. The one that shocked me the most was how fast my son feeds compared to how long my daughter took.”

Your favorite part?

“My favorite part has been watching my daughter love on her little brother and be the best big sister. And all the snuggles!”

Photographs by Quincey Carroll

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