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Stressed Out Dads Need A Cuddle

This summer (and beyond) give dads a skin to skin cuddle with Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear!

“When Julia was born, my husband turned to mush. He’s always keeping her close and trying to make her smile- he sings a ‘belly to belly’ song when lounging with her. It’s adorable!” Anastasiya, Bonsie Customer

What is it about seeing dads bonding with their babies that melts our hearts? Ultimate cuteness AND positive physiological responses for both dad and baby. In fact, the benefits of skin to skin between dads and babies are as wide as they are for moms!

Whether soothing a sick baby or just cuddling, studies have found that skin to skin contact improves infant and dad health!

Here are some reasons Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear promotes skin to skin for dad:

In a nutshell: Skin to skin between fathers and babies has tremendous de-stressing, health supporting, love connection benefits and we want to make it available to you.

Give dad and baby more skin to skin opportunities with Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear. Get FREE shipping on Father’s day with code DADDAY. Let’s get skin to skin, baby!


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