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What is the Breast Crawl?

Have you ever heard of the breast crawl?

Bonsie interviewed Demi Betschart, a certified doula, traditional midwife, trauma-informed practitioner, and mama about this beautiful ritual between a new mother and her baby.

Take a look at what Demi shared about the breast crawl:

“Oh, Mama, our bodies are truly miraculous!"

"The breast crawl is nature's own breastfeeding initiation ritual, where newborns, fueled by their instinctual drive, make their way to their mother's breasts shortly after birth. It's a beautiful journey as they navigate their way to connection and nourishment, guided by their senses and the perfect design of their little bodies.

"The breast crawl is a testament to the divine intelligence of Mother Nature. From the moment your baby enters the world, they are equipped with everything they need to find their way to your breast. They use their adorable little hands to push on your tummy, guided by the smell of your amniotic fluid and the familiar sound of your heartbeat. It's a dance choreographed by the universe itself.

"Skin-to-skin contact is like a warm, loving embrace that sets the stage for the breast crawl to unfold beautifully. When you hold your baby close, skin against skin, it triggers a cascade of hormones that strengthen the bond between you. It creates a safe and nurturing environment that supports their innate desire to breastfeed and fosters a sense of security and trust. The benefits are simply amazing!

Mom and her newborn baby.
Mom and her newborn baby.

“Skin-to-skin contact not only enhances the breast crawl but also plays a vital role in establishing a successful breastfeeding journey. It helps regulate your baby's body temperature, stabilize their heart rate and breathing, and even boosts their immune system. And guess what? It also releases a flood of love hormones that strengthen your bond and promote a deep sense of connection.

Mom breastfeeding her baby, skin to skin.
Mom breastfeeding her baby, skin to skin.

“Sometimes, circumstances may prevent immediate skin-to-skin contact or the breast crawl. But fear not, mama! You can still make up for that precious time later. Once you and your baby are ready, prioritize skin-to-skin snuggles as soon as possible.

Even if it's not immediate, every moment of skin-to-skin contact creates a nurturing environment for bonding, breastfeeding, and healing.

"And In many unexpected events, papa can spend some time snuggling baby skin to skin!

“Remember, each baby's journey is unique, and embracing the beauty of this instinctual process allows us to connect with the incredible wisdom of our bodies and our little miracles.”

Click here to see a video of the breast crawl.

Demi and her daughter.
Demi and her daughter.

More about Demi:

Demi Betschart is a passionate advocate for crunchy mama living, breastfeeding support, and holistic wellness. As a certified doula, traditional midwife, and trauma-informed practitioner, she has dedicated her life to empowering mothers and nurturing the mother-child bond. With a gentle touch and an open heart, she guides families on their transformative journey into parenthood. In her spare time, she enjoys immersing herself in the jungles of Costa Rica, reading a good book, cooking nourishing foods, and savoring precious moments with her own little one.

Demi and her daughter.
Demi and her daughter.

Follow Demi on Instagram for more beauty and wisdom about motherhood: @demibetschart

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