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Benefits of skin to skin and breastfeeding

Chelsea H.

"Just got ours!  They are so soft and well made.  These are going right in the hospital bag!"

Kelli A.

"Love these - great for the hospital in newborn size!"

Skin to skin baby clothes - save on our bundles
Skin to skin baby footies and baby bag sets - perfect for your baby's first outfit

Jessica B.

"I ordered these and just got them in. Omgosh are they the softest and cutest!"

Kayla F.

"I got one for Charlie. It's super soft and I love that we can do skin to skin during feeding or whenever with this sleeper. Diaper changes at night are so easy, too!"

Footies made for skin to skin connection - Milk Footie
Fog and Star skin to skin footies only found at Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear

Jenna M.

"Big fan of these! Bought two for my newborn and he’s been living in them!"

Jennifer A.

"I Just bought a bunch of these!! LOVE them!  I still use them for my now 9 month old who is still in 6 month clothing  and will use them for my next 100%!!"

The best skin to skin footies for any baby shower available in quad packs
Baby Bundle in Milk includes our Milk Footie and Milk Baby Bag Set perfect for skin to skin connection

Kelli A.

"My favorite baby item for the hospital and coming home outfit!!!! So worth it!"